Welcome to Geethanjali High School
Eastablished in 2008, Geethanjali High school is one of the Best Schools in Andhra Pradesh. Chairman and Principal Mr.K.Srinivasa Reddy, has a great vision and desire to make students as Good citizens of the country.
  K.Srinivasa Reddy,who has been maintaining as a principal both medium (Telugu & English) campuses and teaching Maths subject. He had a desire which is develop good citizens in this , they will be Organization good society with peace. So , he has been giving quality education along with moral & physical education  in this institute. He is a Philanthropist.As a principal K. Srinuvasa Reddy won't simply sit in this office  and would be supervise the work of school here , there & every where he has been great friend of pupil and parents, when the parents come to school, he would be treat with courtesy and give due to respect.He provide proper facilities for pupil learning .So ,he is a extrovert .He work in a team spirit and regard the teachers as this Co-Worker and will be team spirit .He shouldn’t have bossing tendency .He would be give due to regard to teachers, their views and this problems.So, he is Icon of this main stream school.

The School got town first in 2016 SSC Exams. In the same year Geethanjali High School Got Pratibha Award by Govt. of Andhra Pradesh.